CEO Marc Becker Gives 4 Reasons Why Both Creativity & Data Drive Marketing Solutions

Published on July 24th, 2019

Today, marketers can tap into the internet and social media, which some have brilliantly called the world’s largest testing ground and focus group. It’s tempting to make every decision based on analytics because of the advances in machine learning and robots that can not only gather data but analyze it. But data should be used as a tool that informs the creative instead of relying on it to make the decisions for you.

It can be a confusing time for businesses that want to rely more on data than creativity, or creatives who want to lean on their own understanding and preferences. Here’s why you need to pay attention to the numbers, but not lose your soul along the way.

Read the full articleCreativity Meets Data, A Love Story: Four Reasons Why You Need Both To Drive Marketing Solutions (Forbes)

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