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The Tangent Agency is an industry-leading creative powerhouse working hand-in-hand with our partners to fortify properties with innovative content and captivating creative, always built upon the foundation of insight-driven strategy.

Our experience working with studios, brands, agencies, filmmakers and creatives ensures we have the perspective to see the big picture and bring big ideas to life.


How May We Help You?

Immersive analysis & insights to inform the strategy, define the brand and inspire creative ideation.

Crafting a fully-integrated strategy that provides the creative bedrock for the entire lifetime of your IP.

Designing purpose-driven internal and consumer facing materials for every facet of your property.

Creating impactful presentation tools to give your property the standout quality it deserves.

Executing thumb-stopping digital campaigns - from on-brand strategy and community management, to media placement, ad-trafficking and reporting - we achieve your goals and engage your audience.

Capturing your brand’s core DNA and defining its visual identity across every platform on which it lives.

From concept to final cut, we generate strategically-sound and visually-stunning content that infuses your IP or brand story with new energy.

Conceptualizing on-brand experiences and bringing them to life through clutter-breaking activations.

IP development, in-world lore and cross-platform activations to build endlessly-engaging story universes - ensuring the highest degree of creativity and consistency.

Constructing creative programs that bring your brand new revenue streams, business opportunities and lasting engagement.


More Than Just Pretty Faces

A diverse array of artists, producers and tastemakers that have traversed every medium in order to conceive fully-realized strategies and market-ready solutions. 

Through years of experience, we have built a trusted team of industry leading specialists to best serve our clients and their projects.


Marc Becker Chief Executive Officer
Ben Taylor Chief Creative Officer
Daniel Barber Chief Strategy Officer
Karri Bowman Senior Project Director

Marc spent 7 years of his career at Universal Pictures as an Executive in the Global Brand Marketing team. There he worked closely with filmmakers, key stakeholders and brands to ensure a consistent global brand strategy for Universal’s films and franchises. He helped develop unique, synergistic campaigns to integrate films across the various NBCU/Comcast platforms collaborating with TV networks, digital channels, Comcast and Universal Parks & Resorts. In 2014, while working full time at Universal, Marc earned his MBA at the USC Marshall School of Business. At Universal, Marc lent his talents to the success of many film campaigns and brand extensions. Most notably, he helped launch the Despicable Me franchise and enhance the Fast & Furious saga.

After using Tangent as a trusted vendor for several years, Marc left Universal and joined the Tangent team to oversee business operations and lead the charge for future business development.

Ben quite literally grew up in an ad agency and - metaphorically - has entertainment pulsing through his bloodstream. While other kids played with Nintendo, he played with Photoshop… and maybe a little Nintendo. At 15 during his first job at Blockbuster video (R.I.P.) he watched almost the entire store until he became “The Human IMDb."

In his past lives, Ben served as Art Director for the world-renowned luxury brand Oliver Peoples, worked on the design team at the innovative marketing agency Five33, and worked in Retail Design for American Apparel - helping them become the fastest growing retail chain in history. Capitalizing on his natural passion and talent, Ben went on to become Chief Creative Officer of The Tangent Agency, bringing his bold sense of style to every project he touches and assembling a top-notch creative team to do the same.

Born on Tatooine and raised in Springfield, Daniel is an unapologetic super-geek who has spent his professional life immersed in the entertainment industry, forging a unique trail in storytelling and world-building.

A Screenwriting and Marketing double-major (turned part-time stand-up comedian), he has truly perfected the balance of “storytelling and story-selling.” Formerly the Creative Conceptualist & Copywriter for the transmedia agency Five33, Daniel worked feverishly on tentpole titles for Disney, Pixar, Universal, Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros. He then served as Legendary's Mythology Manager (yes that was the actual job title) where he oversaw and expanded cinematic universes for Pacific Rim, Godzilla/“The MonsterVerse” and Warcraft among others.

As Tangent’s Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel lends his expertise to studios, networks and storytellers looking to develop IP, expand franchises and invigorate audiences with the highest levels of quality and creativity. Daniel oversees a team of copywriters, researchers and analysts to make sure every campaign is well-informed, on-strategy and just a wee bit irreverent.

Karri is truly a jack of all trades (and master of all), having worked 90% of the jobs available in the entertainment business. From the film industry to the music industry, Karri uses her amazing powers of Production to offer a safe and controlled environment for creatives to land. A filmmaker and screenwriter in her own right, Karri can also fly a Cessna in case of a zombie apocalypse and then program a database to efficiently track the survivors. She is fluent in astrology (Pisces, duh) and can talk you down from any ledge and hold your hand until your project is sparkling and beautiful and more than you ever thought it could be. She’s just that good.

Britt Storms Director of Brand Strategy
Sean E. McCarthy Art Director
Becca Lasky Design Coordinator

Although she shares the same name, Britt is not related to the X-Men Storm. However, her super powers as a storyteller could probably land her amongst that gang. She has spent the last decade working in “the industry”, even though she dislikes that term. Originally based in Atlanta, Britt began her career as an editor and assistant producer on commercial and television production shoots for clients like Warner Bros, CNN, TNT, and Cartoon Network. With that storytelling foundation, she made the leap to L.A. where she has worked as a communications specialist - writing and producing content for digital publishers, film marketing and publicity campaigns. Her passion is creating thoughtful brand stories and activations that work hand-in-hand with dynamic visuals to represent them.

Sean is an experienced designer with an adaptive visual style. Throughout his career, his versatile talents have been utilized by the worlds of art, fashion, entertainment marketing, film production and most recently television. Sean has worked with a comprehensive array of film & television studios including Marvel, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, Fox, Annapurna, Showtime, TNT, ABC, Hulu and Netflix. From thrilling blockbusters to high-concept dramas, his area of expertise has no boundaries. Sean oversees Tangent’s growing design team, fostering an environment of creative excellence.

Becca is Tangent's very own Tina Belcher. She loves mac n’ cheese, escape rooms, and board games (legit ones only). Becca and her sidekick dog, Dewey, are a tag team duo and are the OG designers of Tangent. Basically, she knows everything. Between them they have many years of experience working with Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, Fox, Annapurna, Netflix, and Amazon.




...And the list keeps growing


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